Social Marketing in 2020 do you have a plan? 

Much has been said about Social Marketing these days. Slowly it has been gathering more and more hits on the Google keyword search, but do people really know what it means? Or are people confusing it with Social Media Marketing? Because yes there is a difference and sometimes can be hard to figure out.

Social Marketing- “Social marketing is a process that applies marketing principles and techniques to create, communicate, and deliver value in order to influence target audience behaviors that benefit society (public health, safety, the environment and communities) as well as the target audience.” – Philip Kotler, Nancy Lee and Michael Rothschild (2020)


Examples of this can be anything from an Anti-Smoking Marketing Campaign to improve public health, to making sure that people wear their seat belts in the car. Social Marketing initiatives are mainly undertaken by non-profit organisations.

Social Media Marketing- Combines the different goals of Internet marketing with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many others. The Social Media Marketing goals tend to be different for every business or organisation, however most will involve some sort of brand awareness marketing for building an idea or even possibly selling a product or service. Along with this it includes online reputation management. Social Media Marketing campaigns must be targeted to the community you want to reach and will need to have a specific message for the people you want to engage with.

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Examples of this include many different campaigns from Adidas opening up a new shoe store to Hovis marketing campaign using a British Olympic Athlete to advertise their new range.

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