Top Social Media Campaigns

Top Social Media Campaigns


This blog will have a quick look at some campaigns that have used social media to boost its presence. Using different types of platforms and types of campaigns.

Brief ideas on Social media campaigns and what type of social media they are using:

  1. Hovis Launches Social media campaign.

Hovis announced that they have launched a FACEBOOK campaign to get consumers talking about bread. Promotional packaging has been released to try and get people to visit their facebook fan page. This will then allow them to launch an app that features breakfast ideas, and will promise to reward those who manage to meet their goals. Along with this when consumers sign up, they are entered into a daily prize draw to win £1000 shopping spree.

  1. Visa

Visa has recently introduced the memory mapper app to its FACEBOOK page, utilizing google maps satellite technology, and allowing users to create their own memories. Visa have created this app which will allow the users to upload videos, photos and captions to create a time capsule of a trip that they have had. Visa also gives the user a select number of music tracks to choose from. In return for this they do ask for the user to spread the word about the tool that they have used by sharing their posts on their facebook page.

  1. Budweiser

Budweiser may be one of the most American brands of drink you can get but they do know how to get a good campaign running and always manage to do it for a good cause. This time they have teamed up with the Folds Of Honour Foundation. They have decided to go with one of the most iconic American sports of all time Baseball. Budweiser is donating $100 for every home run that is hit in the MLB this season. Of course it has made the Fold of Honour Foundation the main focus point around the campaign, but it has also in-cooperated the Home run Tally on its custom facebook page and along with this the total of how much they have donated to the American Armed Forces.

The campaign set out by Budweiser was to combine the all American brand that it has with the most American of sports and following through to a very good cause. It cant fail. Because no matter what you think about bud wiser and baseball, you may hate both of them, but no one can dislike someone who has sacrificed something for their country. Budweiser have taken this opportunity to use social media to great use. They have created one of the most memorable campaign that has gone out on a social media website and succeeded with it.

  1. Goodlooking Optics

Goodlooking optics has revolutionised the way social media is used for Opticians. Goodlooking optics uses not only one of the social media platforms, but all of them. They make sure that they connect with every person possible. Goodlooking Optics uses Facebook as a good way to engage with people and give people on the group exclusive offers.

For example recently it began raining on a nice hot summers day, and instinctively they put up a post on their facebook page. Getting customers to come in singing “Singing in the Rain” to receive 20% off. This campaign took off as other customers got news of the offer. Seeing this as an opportunity, another campaign went out on facebook again giving the customer an offer, But this time they had to come in wearing odd shoes. Once again this took off and the attention it got from people was amazing.


  1. Rage against the Machine

This was probably one of the most notable campaigns by a music group to boost its sales. Using a facebook campaign set up by fans of the group it was decided that it would try to stop the X Factor “Tradition” of being Christmas number 1. This was met with hundreds of thousands of members of a group on Facebook to get people to buy the rage against the machines song rather than the eventual winner of the x-factor Joe Mceldery. Along with this the facebook group went on to break records left right and centre. It helped break the record for the highest amount of downloads in a week, First ever download-only Christmas number one, and the group itself broke the record for the most trafficked facebook page or group.