Phone too Addictive. What is Momo?

Phone too Addictive. What is Momo?

The BBC asked me to talk a little about this guy  Momo. Are mobile phones too addictive?- Garry Kousoulou SEO expert talks to the BBC



The BBC asked me to talk a little about this guy  Momo . This really did not last very long! What is becoming a problem is the addictiveness of mobiles on teens.

My 7 steps to making your mobile phone less addictive.

1 Turn off app notifications

2 Keep your home screen for tools only

3 Dont wake up to your phone

4 Try Fipd very useful app go distraction-free perfect for a prep for an exam

5 Charge your phone out of the bedroom

6 send audio notes instead of texting

7 Go Greyscale – Really boring but does work!

Momo was born on Reddit and its not nice. Young people trying to get more “likes” harming others on social media – Fake news spreads 6 times faster than accurate news!

It takes a village to raise a child  its everybody problem with 50% of teens feel addicted to their phone

Being chained to your phone will lead to low self-esteem low and low staus behavior like taking drugs! 

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