The world of LinkedIn by a Social Media Company in Enfield

The world of LinkedIn by a Social Media Company in Enfield

LinkedIn may seem like a daunting piece of Social Networking to sign up to but it proves very useful in the long run if you want to further your business and networking contacts for job opportunities. Here are some simple steps for you to advance in the world of networking:

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Step 1:


To sign up you need an email address and password. Note that registering with a gmail account will require you to input your email address with the suffix “…”.


Step 2:


Once you have signed up to LinkedIn you will be able to make connections and recommendations to other people on the website. However you can only make a recommendation to a person if you are connected with them. This can be very useful as contacts can make recommendations for you and hence this can improve your profile as it would look more believable and less fabricated, this can then lead to your business (or whatever services you may be offering) becoming more popular and hence lead to bigger profits.


To recommend someone you need to go to the desired person, which also has to be connected to you on LinkedIn.


Step 3:


Once you are on the person’s profile which you would like to recommend then you need to scroll down to where it says “Send a message” and click the arrow on the right hand side of it and click on “recommend”. Alternatively you can scroll down the page until you get to the “recommendations” section where there is a prompt that asks you to recommend that person. If you cannot recommend a person then you are currently not connected with that person and you will have to re-connect with them or wait until they accept your connection invitation.

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Step 4:


Once you have pressed the “recommend” button you may then proceed onto making a recommendation for them, fill in all the boxes if needs be and then the rest should be straight forward after you send it off. You may also edit a recommendation if you need to, so mistakes can be corrected!


Step 5:


Be AWARE that it may take 24 hours for a recommendation to show up on the desired contact’s profile.



If you recommend someone else’s profile then they might be courteous enough to recommend yours in return. My first recommendation was quite positive and it makes you feel good after you have done it, as it feels like you are trying to help someone achieve their goals. Once you have written this recommendation it is then added to their recommendations section on their profile and then you may go back and edit the posted recommendation in the future if needs be.


What do you think are the benefits of using recommendation?