Opticians and Social Media: 3 Tips for Opticians

Opticians and Social Media: 3 Tips for Opticians

Opticians and Social Media: 3 Tips for Opticians on Social Media

5 Tips for Opticians and Social Media

How to use Social Media for Opticians

It’s 2016, your customers aren’t wandering around the high street looking for you. They are searching online looking for Opticians, browsing through your social media pages, and judging you before they’ve even taken a step in. For every one person that enters your store, there are plenty who decided to visit a rival because they have a better social media presence.

Many Opticians have the basics set up – Facebook, Twitter and the rare one with an Instagram account every now and then – but they’re not really utilizing it. They’re harming their chances at given their practice a wider demographic. For example, if an optician in Stamford hill is utilizing social media properly, they can get their practice noticed across North London.

It could be that they don’t have a Social Media strategy in place, which is why they aren’t using it as much, but here are 3 tips for Opticians on what they need to be doing on Social Media…

  1. Consistent & Engaging posts

A lot of Opticians are only posting maybe, once or twice a month. For many of them, Social Media is still a thing that only teenagers use, but they need to get this out of their mind-set and realise that social media is a place where they can market their practice. You can’t expect to post once a month, and come back for the next month with 2,000 new likes and the phone ringing off the hook. You have to be posting engaging content consistently, having your audience talking and sharing your posts is what you want. According to this article, the average Facebook user has 338 friends, When a user shares one of your posts, everyone who is on their friends list sees that post. It’s not only getting your posts seen by more people, but the user is recommending your page by sharing your content with their friends and family.

  1. Videos

Over the past few years, Facebook Video has started to blow up. It’s now become the best type of post for pages on Facebook, and you can reach more of your audience with videos. There are other great platforms for you to use such as YouTube, Vine, Instagram and there’s also the rise in live-streaming with Periscope & Meerkat taking off in 2015. Using video is such a great option for your brand, you can show your followers the behind the scenes of what goes on at your practice, testimonials from customers or showcase a new selection of frames, there’s a lot you can do that’ll create engagement.

  1. User-generated Content

If you’re providing an outstanding service and making your patients feel happy, your customers are going to let people know about this. They’ll be on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and Google leaving you 5* reviews. They’re telling all of their friends how great of a service they had to all of their friends and have just become your biggest advocate. Having a personal endorsement is your single best marketing tool. If one of your friends/family members were praising a restaurant over and over again, why wouldn’t you try there? You trust them, and validate their opinion. When a customer is bragging to their friends over social, it’s even better. You’ve got to take notice of these customers who are constantly liking and sharing your stuff, make them feel noticed and that you appreciate their support. It shows that you care about the customer, and they feel valued that you are even responding to them.

You need to keep a tab of these recurring advocates, and offer them incentives. If you’re doing all of this and keeping your customer happy, they’ll stick with your. Dominos did something similar to this with their customers in 2012, for every user that tweeted with the hashtag ‘letsdolunch’ between 9am-11am, they would knock off £0.01p off a large pepperoni pizza, but only for those who follow them on Facebook or Twitter. It was a great campaign, and got Dominos brand more attention and did what they wanted. Their customers were rewarded for being fans of them, and the consumer appreciated the company rewarding. You could easily do a holiday themed competition, a competition like Dominos or one of the most common, encourage people to like, share and comment on a post and they’ll be in for a chance to win something. Not only will all of your customers be keen to enter, but their friends on Facebook will see the post, and automatically enter. All that’s in it for them is just liking something and maybe winning a prize, but for you, you’ve now got a direct link to push your practice directly to them.

If none of this has made sense to you, or you don’t think you’ll be able to do any of this, get in contact with us now!

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