Why we should say more than just “Hello”!

Why we should say more than just “Hello”!

In an increasingly crowded Social Media space, how can we stand out from the masses?

Let’s set the scene – You’re at a networking event and as such in a room full of potential clients or business associates. Would you ever be ignored upon approaching an individual to create or build upon a new relationship?! (I’d hope not!)

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The Social Media space should be used with the same personal approach and etiquette as with any other face-to-face relationship.

We’ve all done it – received or sent a request to link up and simply utilised the generic text provided by the website…but why!?!

Every avenue of communication on social media should be personalised to make each connection want to engage and talk to you. For example, don’t just approve connection requests – take the time to personally respond to the individual and perhaps ask questions about the person or their business, reiterate where you originally met or refer to a mutual associate. This may sound menial but little things carried out on a regular basis can sometimes prove to be the most powerful!

Obviously it takes time to develop relationships but by adding that personal touch and taking the time to build this into our daily social media activities we can make sure we are remembered for being someone worthy of referring to.

So let’s take the time to say more than just ‘Hello’ to our new connections and stand out from the crowd by developing these online networks.

What do you think? We would love to hear your comments, so please let us know.

written by Michael