We help you or your team learn about the world of Social Media and SEO

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Head of Loving Social Media Garry Kousoulou and Socially Sorted Founder Carole Fossey offer the SMKT online training academy and coaching to business owners and their staff in all things social media. Through a series of online learning, virtual events, and group mentoring, each participant can access all aspects of digital marketing so that they can help build their brand or their employer’s brand online. Through Garry and Carole’s partnership, each participant will become an expert in creating exciting content including graphics, video, blogging, and much more.

This project started as an academy to help young people on the Government Kickstart scheme and after helping almost 200 young people into employment, the academy has now been advanced and rolled out to business owners and their staff.

Take a look at some of our upcoming training below:

LinkedIn Leverage

This event is for you (or your staff) if you feel like you could be getting more from LinkedIn, and don’t know where to start.

It’s also for you if you want some practical simple steps that you dont have to be a marketing genius to understand or implement.

What will you learn?

What LinkedIn SSI is, and why it is crucial to your reach on LinkedIn

What 5 minute actions you can take daily to massively increase your post reach 

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Mastering AI: From Beginner to Expert

Discover the essential skills and knowledge required to become proficient in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Learn from industry experts as they guide you through the fundamentals of AI, explore advanced techniques, and provide practical insights on how to apply AI in real-world scenarios. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, this webinar is designed to help you master AI and stay ahead in this rapidly evolving field.

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We help you or your team learn about the world of Social Media and SEO

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