Social Media…we all know how it’s done don’t we?

Find the approach you’ll be able to identify and build upon your ideal client base/networks

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Social Media we all know how it’s done don’t we? What’s all the fuss about surely we all utilise the tools for our own personal means so just transfer the same methodology to marketing our businesses, yes? How do you use Social Media identify your target?

Social Media identify: Which platforms are best Before you even get started with a marketing campaign you need to work out who  buy your product what type of individual or business they are when they will buy it and everything in between

With social media identifying who is you want is absolutely paramount so we like to look at three avatars or three different types of individuals or businesses you’d like to promote yourself to  help raise your visibility

On social media people finding out you actually exist is very easy but it’s reminding them that you’re there when they need your service for me I love search engine optimization because they search for you rather than the other way round but this article is about social media and identifying your ideal client

my top three tips are

don’t chase more than three avatars in 90 days

identify age demographic socioeconomic status and location

then identify the ideal social media platform to find this person a golden tip is finding a name on LinkedIn and then flipping it over to Instagram or Facebook



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Let’s just take a step back the last thing any of us want to do is damage the reputation of our business by not fully considering all aspects of social media and how this fits with our current business plan. Unless we have a thorough strategy for how we are to implement social media we will never be able to benefit from its promotional attributes.

Too many businesses jump in the deep end and set up accounts on all technologies only to then realise they need to take initial and subsequent time to create content that reflects their business and its brand! In addition, it will become transparent that perhaps the audience they’re communicating with isn’t appropriate for the development of their business.

Social media requires planning just like any other part of a business or project but there’s no need to be afraid! There’s an acronym created by Forrester Research ( which can help structure your approach:

  • People. Review your target customer’s social behaviors and attitudes.
  • Objectives. Decide on your social technology goals.
  • Strategy. Determine how your objectives will change your relationship with customers.
  • Technology. Choose the appropriate technologies to deploy.
  • Social Media identify: Which platforms are best

By following this approach you’ll be able to identify and build upon your ideal client base/networks and cut through all the fog that could potentially hold you up in achieving your social media marketing goals.

Go get them!


Social Media identify: Which platforms are best 

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