In the past 3 days, we’ve seen the rise of YouTuber and makeup Guru Tati Westbrook, at the expense of YouTube Superstar and mentee of Tati, James Charles.

After Tati uploaded a video of her talking about the problems she’s had with James and the issues that she describes as “disgusting”. In her video, Tati highlights and accuses many things James Charles has done, including stabbing her in the back, taking advantage of people and using fame to abuse specifically straight males sexualities.

Tati starts the video with a montage of her shouting out James merchandise, product discount codes, his channel, and many other things. She shows how much she has helped James grow and flourish on YouTube.

During the video, Tati shares an anecdote of her experience with James at her wedding. She describes that James was talking graphically and sexually about the waiter in front of Tati’s whole family and once Tati told James “James, stop, he’s straight” his reply was “doesn’t matter I’m a celebrity”. Since this was talked about, the waiter in question has come out in his own video (which he has since deleted), explaining that he was Bi-Interested, this doesn’t fully excuse James’s actions, however, it does make the situation slightly less serious. Popular drama and news YouTuber ‘Tea Spill’ has released a video exploring Sam Cooke, the waiter from Seattle’s video.

She also tells a story about how she offered to play James to promote her vitamin brand, which James turned down saying he doesn’t want to promote health products to his young fans. However, days later James posted a story on his Instagram, promoting Tati’s rival vitamin company after they helped James with his security and Coachella.

The aftermath of Tati uploading her video and James subsequently upload a seemly insincere apology video, James Charles has lost over 2.5 million subscribers in 4 days. This is by far the biggest subscriber drop YouTube has ever seen. Even after Logan Pauls scandal at the start of 2018, the most subscribers he lost in a day was around 80 thousand. In comparison, on the 11th of May, James Charles lost 1,261,460 subscribers just in those 24 hours. However, on the other end of the spectrum, Tati has gained an extraordinary amount of subscribers. Before Tati uploaded the video on the 9th of May, she stood at 5.9 million YouTube Subs. She now, just 5 days later has almost 9.7 million. Gaining over 4.7 million subscribers in 5 days is only paralleled with the likes of PewDiePie and T-Series.

Stats from James Charles Social Blade showing his hard drop in stats.

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