The Portas Review how can social change the high street in 2023?

High street crisis to continue into 2023

The pressure on high street retailers is expected to continue into 2020 as consumers shift towards online and business rates increase, experts have warned.

Retail generally doesn’t have a digital strategy to fight online retailing And I feel really sorry for independence because they’ve never been brought up in the digital world it’s quite simple Google do give you the power to fight locally using Google my business Facebook Instagram LinkedIn WhatsApp it’s just having the ability to use it and actually having a plan so if you want to be ahead in 2020 contact loving social media help you to make sure that your doors open in 2021 and you have the best year ever


A total of 8000 stores and 85,000 jobs have been lost this year, with retail experts predicting this to continue at the same pace during the next 12 months.  data from the retail gazette

The Portas Review described a vision for bringing economic and community life back into high streets and town centres, re-imagining them as social hubs for shopping, learning, socialising and fun. It made 28 recommendations about how to deliver that vision intended to: Get town centres running like businesses.

Really interesting last night, I got a heads up from Kim of the Enfield Advertiser to say that Nick De Bois our Enfield MP was talking about our ‘We Love Enfield’ campaign in the House of Commons, so found the parliament channel and really got sucked into all the talk… It was brilliant to hear that we are not alone, all the mp’s are telling the same story as we are here in Enfield, but the difference is that we here in Enfield have taken positive steps forward in turning this around.. Nick mentioned this in his allotted time, we were, in fact, the only positive in this.

Here is the report for you all to read

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BRC business and regulation director Tom Ironside said: “Government must address rising costs, particularly the sky-high business rates, or we are likely to see more job losses and store closures in the future.” but let’s put the power back into retail through the detail


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