Using social to make a difference


As a social networking company that does SEO in  London the messages we put out can lead to so much Good. Broadcasting live to connect a

community or working for a charity  that can keep the word from over heating.

It seems to me there are two main camps with regard to social media, there are those who love it and it is a huge part of their existence and there are those who are proud to avoid it at all costs. I think that is fine, but I was also thinking that it’s funny as those who are against it think that it is separating us from the real world somehow.

We’re all causing climate change. What if you could do something about it?
… now you can!
We make it easy to give back for the energy you use and provide meaningful paid work.

You hear people commenting on how people are glued to their mobile phones whilst on trains and buses and so on… well, hang on a minute let’s take a look at this for a moment. Had we not got such devices we would really just be staring into space whilst with the gadgets we are interacting with our friends, letting people know what we are up to and our thoughts on the general things of life… This is why it is such a great tool for businesses.



I was in a meeting this morning and a chap that knows nothing about social media was asking me all about it and posed the question ‘but what happens if someone writes something bad about you’ to which I replied that this is a brilliant example of how social media can in fact work for you, as you are then in the enviable position of being able to reply and state your side of the story. You become not just a logo that people know but the actual person behind that logo. People will come to know and trust you, when friends ask if they know anyone who is a builder say, you will pop straight into their head as they have chatted with you on twitter or seen what you get up to on Facebook. If you would like to know anything further about how Social Media can have a great effect on your business please don’t hesitate to call us on 02038468888

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Using social is about understanding etiquette