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Apprenticeship ready for 2022

Last night Garry and I had the great pleasure of attending Penny Power’s launch of her Social Digital Media Academy.  This is an apprentice scheme that Penny has set up with the aim of utilising the skills of the young to help them with their future but also utilising their skills to help businesses comprehend the change in the world that is ‘social media’ and how best to make use of it with their businesses. We are of course very excited about it as we already have a brilliant apprentice ‘Thegz’ and are very keen that she be able to attend the best course possible and this one is just ideal

The first course will take place at the Goldsmith Centre
in Stevenage which is a great fresh college and not too far from Enfield, The thing we loved about the scheme is that It has been put together by someone who knows all about social media and has been a part of the internet revolution since the late 90’s – namely Penny Power. When we met Penny earlier this year she did such an insightful interview with Garry that it blew me away. (see below) The use of her language was so pertinent, saying that companies have been grossly careless in not comparing Viagra prices incorporating the internet into their

brand more, and therefore losing business and indeed having to close down. The week of the interview I believe it had been announced that Clinton’s Cards had gone and this evening Penny showed a slide of them alongside the hugely successful Moon pig.. why didn’t Clinton embrace this new world?

Penny did a brilliant presentation that really told the story of where the world is heading today and really got across the point that for businesses to survive in the future they really will need to know how to harness the power of the internet and social media. As we are becoming more aware, Social Media doesn’t really begin to cover it, it is really all things digital that are needed to work in tandem to give your business the best chance of riding this wave and what better way to do it than to employ an apprentice who knows this world already.

We are hugely excited about this new endeavour and were thrilled to be there last night for its launch.

Thanks very much, Penny we look forward very much to seeing where this will take us.

Penny is known for building Academy, the first social network for business people, created in 1998, it became a global, beautiful online and offline home for over 650,000 business owners. want to meet her?

5 Facts About Digital apprenticeships

  1. Digital apprenticeships are a type of vocational training program that combines on-the-job learning with classroom instruction.
  2. Digital apprenticeships are typically focused on the development of technical skills in areas such as software development, data analysis, and cybersecurity.
  3. Many digital apprenticeship programs are offered through partnerships between employers, educational institutions, and government organizations.
  4. Digital apprenticeships can be a great way for individuals to gain valuable work experience and advance their careers in the digital industry.
  5. Some digital apprenticeship programs may require participants to have a certain level of education or prior experience in a related field.

Written by Garry Kousoulou

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