Thomas Cook: What Went Wrong?

Thomas Cook: What Went Wrong With Their Digital Marketing?


Is this the normal post COVID? Marketing in the post-COVID age! digital marketing

Working hard online is a must in 2020.

Thomas Cook the oldest established travel agent in the world and they are on the ropes and I can see why! Thomas cook What went wrong with digital marketing?

The 170-year-old Tour giant has collided with reality, not keeping up with times I think,

It did not take much digging to see the differences between winning and losing the digital race to the top and the all-important page 1.

What is the first sign of a serious digital strategy going wrong?


Disconnected online business no user-generated content on a social big problem

Very little page 1 first place on google for your keywords, heavy spend on PPC.

Little Seo strategy learn more about SEO and how we can help you


  • little omnichannel experience joined-up approach
  • what looks like little digital experience at senior board level and staff buy-in letting the digital team to just get on with it
  • No culture of social in the company
  • No fun, Poor online customer experience, cardboard and lifeless
  • Short term implement a digital strategy not looking into voice / video and GMB
  • Lack of reviews – Podcasts – becoming a leading authority in travel.



Has playing it safe on digital marketing being the demise of Thomas Cook Is this where it has gone wrong?


Having looked a little bit deeper than just scratching the surface of the run of the mill Facebook, Instagram ,YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter what happened to find was that the search traffic for tui the rival was nearly double that of Thomas Cook when we search a little bit deeper the keywords that Thomas Cook are using just not as accurate and the engagement that they’re getting on the social media is nowhere near as sophisticated .

this looks to me as a connoisseur of digital This big corporate company we’re trying to do digital marketing and allowing it to people unmanaged with no accountability I see this day in day out they are keywords have to be really focused there are social media has to be engaging and there has to be some strategy to the whole thing.


OK, here what can we see we can see that since 2012 has been a steady increase in traffic but with very little spent on paid advertising and we are on the decline.

When we look at the 2-year statistics it’s just flatlining at around 5.5 million. SEO for a company of this size is quite poor.



If you’re not familiar with User-generated content  – it really does do what it says on the tin.

Thomas cook has a really active audience, your customers on a plane for at least an hour!

they are going to have fun on holiday and want to tell the world the user-generated content that you could have been produced is mind-blowing and that’s what makes things happen it just is so glaringly obvious to me that there was no creativity in the marketing Department!



OK when we compare like for like there’s some really obvious things 8.8 million organic searches has such a huge difference When we compare Thomas Cook’s 5.6 million but let’s look at the bounce rate Thomas Cook’s bounce rate is 6.146 and the bounce rate tells us how interested and engaged people are on the Tui it’s a lot better at 55.23 conversion optimization and keeping people on your page and interested is so important the average duration of visitors are 6.58 minutes Thomas cook could only manage 5.11 minutes.

A simple quiz would have fixed the time that people stayed on the website.


I urge all corporate businesses if you’re going to use the strategy of digital marketing, you really understand the differences between the different types of  etiquette.

Social media and SEO need a joined-up approach.

Search engine optimization intertwines itself in digital just because the plumber can hold a hammer doesn’t mean they can do a Carpenter job.

I think that the uninitiated do not understand what the different types of social media and digital are and that this is clearly true of Thomas Cook and leaving it down to people that didn’t have the experience to look after such a glorious business.


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