Brand Consistency

Brand Consistency

Have you noticed how company and individual Usernames and user profiles are already showing up in search results.

Have you searched your company’s name on Google recently? Go ahead try it now.

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If you’re using social media to grow your business, you’ll more than likely have a Twitter account with the same name, so it is very likely that the Twitter account will appear very high in the search results. This shows that it is important to have a consistent username across the various social networks.

Today’s action point! – If you haven’t registered your company name on the major networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, four square, you tube etc, DO IT NOW. For many small / medium businesses, their user accounts on social networks will be the highest ranked pages in search results.

Top Tip Today– Use a service such as namechk or KnowEm to see whether your username is actually available across many of the popular social networks. If it is not available, you’ll be able to see which one could be registered across all social networks.

That’s it for now but if you want many more tips and advice we look forward to seeing at our Master Class workshop on the 30th September 2011. Click here for more info