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Who is the new kid on the block?

#Clubshouse has taken the lead but will it keep up growth?

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Twitter Spaces VS Clubhouse

Something new has arrived in the world of social media. You have to keep your ears wide open because it’s only sound!

The world of Twitter spaces and clubhouse has arrived and apparently, there are a few more to follow. One being Facebook

Some of the world’s super-rich and famous are already big names on the app:

  •  Elon Musk ( if only for a few minutes with sound problems ) and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg
  • Rappers Drake and Kanye West
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • The Rock
  • Undercover Billionaire Grant Cardone ( getting an extra part live on air!)
  • Kevin Hart
  • Garry Kousoulou
  • Ashton Kutcher

So far a very select few are on spaces a few blue tick individuals but nowhere near the A-listers of Clubhouse

What are they like?

What are Twitter spaces?

Both are accessible on the phone and you listen to others in a very authentic way, on topics people are interested in.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a social media app that allows users to join and participate in audio-only chat rooms. The app was created in April 2020 and has gained popularity in the United States. It is invite-only, and users can join rooms, listen to conversations, and participate by raising their hands to speak. The app is available on iOS devices.

There is something very special about the live human voice, lots of people contributing  which social media has overlooked so far on Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn

clubhouse vers spaces


How do you get an invite to Twitter Spaces?

Create a Twitter account the usual way then fill in the form below

How to get into Twitter Spaces

How do you get an invite to Clubhouse?

Right now, you still cannot join Clubhouse without an invite. If you’re an iPhone user, though, you can download the app and reserve a username, if that sort of thing interests you

How to claim your name tag on Clubhouse :

We have a new player called Clubhouse and a heavyweight playing with this on Twitter with a platform called spaces

A very small differences between the two but here’s what they have in common they both are only on iPhone at the moment they’re both by invitation only and they both sound only

The distinct differences between clubhouse Vers Twitter Spaces are;

club house vers Twitter spaces

You can have as many moderators and speakers as possible and Twitter spaces can only have 10 which one wins we’ll find out in the coming weeks and months

Look for Creator coins for creatives in the clubhouse as a way of making money.

The world of social media has been a visual place with beautiful pictures from Pinterest and Instagram and two YouTube videos that fulfil every sense imaginable On Facebook somewhere in between now we have clubhouse that fills the audible senses of sound, and fast on its heels is Twitter spaces I’ve always been a fan of Twitter I love it and he really has stepped up its game

I don’t know it’s been a sleeping giant for maybe 2-3 years now and Donald Trump has helped it to be seen as the place where you want to put out a huge message but now it has something called Twitter spaces that striven by the sound you’re only allowed ten people to have a conversation between themselves and you’re allowed as many listeners as possible it’s in beta stage

You can be invited to space but you cannot start a group until you’ve been given permission, You can only access Clubhouse by invite but anybody can set up a room and moderate

What is different about Clubhouse are niche specialist rooms called “clubs” you need an application to set up once you are inside.

How you get permission to set up a spaces room  is about having a smaller amount of followers or helping the engineers

We got the right to host just by being in the spaces every day for around 30 min and applying with the above form.

to put the app together time will tell if it will push clubhouse out of the way but let’s wait and see it has some advantages the fact that you don’t need to download the separate app that it should be on both Android and Apple

Twitter Spaces


Spaces are still in beta but wow does it seem exciting?

The idea of just audio has been around for a long time but the clubhouse has taken it to another level. Clubhouse have a stage and a row back from the stage and a row back from that stage they have clubs and they have rooms but something seems quite unfair to gain a real audience you have to have an audience of your own

I think Twitter’s offering of spaces will level the playing field if you compare Clubhouse to come into the Theatre in comparison to Twitter spaces where you have a maximum of 10 speakers it’s almost like an intimate dinner party

We have shared some screenshots but you have to be there to really feel what it’s all about much more intimate and I feel a different kind of crowd at the minute of course it’s the geeks beta testing but watch this space



This is what you see when you press the post button. This way you know if you start a room

Townhall on the clubhouse is the best place to get new news about clubhouse this room from the clubhouse Sunday at 5:00 pm UK

You can have up to 8000 rooms

now but they were basically pleading and begging for engineers to going to join the company.


We are just I was blown away that that so short into a kind of a brand new platform that there are people that have thrown everything that they’ve been doing elsewhere away to just focus

Let’s see if Clubhouse can reach 1 billion users by Christmas!

We just spoke to just got with Harry we just added them to our chat I mean we can say too much but we can tell you at least two to three moderators who are charging to run rooms and it is now their full-time income.


We know a couple of people that are doing that also touching as being the moderators and hosting or charging for the content they charge to be the emcee of the room and they have a big following so they can always
people host not and then they are hired by someone else I mean we see people who say.

You can get paid for moderator

A lot of people are saying they are paid for being a moderator. They’re saying they are successful business people, but in the background, they are just moderating all day every day for money.

Those people may not necessarily be speaking in the room they also have people that are bringing people up on stage and moving people down mute and mikes which is actually moderating the admin side of hosting a room it’s brilliant that the testaments the platform. I listened to what you said about being hacked and I’ve said so many times that if you put something on the Internet or an app it’s as good as standing in the middle of the street and shouting to everybody but it’s brilliant that on a beta platform people are being so an entrepreneurial

Call us if you need help on Clubhouse or what to know more about Beta Testing on Twitter Spaces


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