How do Social Media Platforms going down affect us?

How do Social Media Platforms going down affect us?

The simple answer is… it makes it a whole lot harder for us! Images not loading, posts not posting. It’s madness! Yesterday our CEO, Garry Kousoulou, almost died beacuse of the lack of social media!

We use Facebook every single day, putting up posts and keeping a brilliant online precense, it is ESSENTIAL for us, so it being gone is like our life support being cut off!

Instagram is fun, creative and brilliant! We love seeing the likes and comments flood in when we put a beautiful picture up. Having it gone is like loosing our creative mindset, and we can’t have that!

WhatsApp… our wonderful WhatsApp. Communication, content and morale all in one app. Now this one was a big blow. Loosing proper communication wih the clients was a pain the backside for sure, we couldn’t send or receive any content in a world where content is king!

In conclusion, WE. LOVE. SOCIAL. MEDIA. and we cannot go without it even for a day! It’s like if all the taps in the UK turned off for a day with no warning, what a disaster. Thank god it’s all back today! If you’re a business and social media going down doesn’t affect you, call us now!