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The ‘Virtual’ Big Bang Theory



The Media, social media, devices, apps, websites and email etc are in essence, almost like virtual reality – and have ‘rocketed’ and ‘expanded’ from a mysterious place commonly known as AOL. It’s almost as if there is a whole universe online and our devices are the equivalent of human life. Many devices such as the iPhone have increased in popularity when it comes to social media, apps and other ways of communication.

This year already, 42.4 million recorded people own iPhones. The trend began when the first iPhone came out back in 2007; the ‘First Generation’. All of a sudden, the word ‘Apple’ was never the same again. Apple, created by the late Steve Jobs, has made history as one of the most popular companies (arguably) in the World. Apple devices have always been inspiring owing to the velocity at which they have grown. Over just 9 years, Apple has racked up $1.4 trillion – a bit of pocket money earned there!

Social Media Agency London

Social Media has also made a huge impact on our ever-growing human race. Information has never been easier to access and the person that caught your eye the other day down the pub is easily reachable through friends that you ‘may know’ online.

Never has it been socially acceptable to ‘follow’ someone – but has now become a common occurrence. Imagine though, following someone down the street and shouting ‘hey’ after you have a quick browse of their face would probably not receive the best of reactions, but within our virtual realms of text and images (to say the least) it is perfectly acceptable.

Apps are part of the expansion process as some of the most addictive and easiest ways of communication. In 2015, the results of the most frequently used apps revealed that Facebook dominated the mobile app space; the primary app proved to be the most popular of 2015, with more than 126 million unique users on average. Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg who launched the popular social media platform on February 4th 2004 at just 19 years of age.

Soon after, the Virtual universe became a huge influence on many people around the world. It has brought people together in influential ways. Other apps came about such as Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and quite recently Periscope, among many more.

In my personal opinion, though, and where my love for the social media universe came from, was that you are able to get your own individual message or idea across, whatever it is, wherever and to whoever you’d like. It’s a 24/7 life that has blown – almost like a ‘Virtual’ Big Bang Theory!

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