What social media plans for Loving Social media 2023

Typing into Google ‘best opticians in Enfield’ or ‘best sight test in Edinburgh’ the top organic result

The tools you have available to get your message across in 2022

pre-2011                              2022

Yellow pages                       Google Search

Direct Mail                           Pay per Click

Advertising  locally            Facebook

Cold Call                              Foursquare

Word mouth                       Anything Social media


IT’S AS SIMPLE AS 1. 2. 3! 


The way people discover content on social media differs from the way they do so through search engines ie, Google. 

On social media, people are not looking for anything in particular. They want to be entertained by the people, brands, magazines, publishers, etc. that they follow. When they need a service or product they will buy when they need. It builds your brand and loyalty. Key to success. Give. When the person needs you it will happen. 






Interruption Marketing is the traditional 


model of product promotion, in which people have to stop what they’re doing to pay attention to the marketing message or deal PPC 

with it in some other way. This method can irritate potential customers if mass used. Examples of interrupt marketing include telemarketing calls and mail campaigns. 












Search Marketing is the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines like google or bing through both paid and unpaid efforts. Using ‘SEO’ short for search engine optimisation can help your earnings by bringing in more traffic through unpaid or free listings. SEO works in the same way that using ‘#’ hashtags on Instagram or Twitter does. Using specific words on your websites or blogs can up your profile on search engines. 

For example, when you looking for somewhere to get your hair cut or you want your eyes tested, you are going to be looking for the ‘BEST’ place to do that. 

Typing into Google ‘best opticians in Enfield’ or ‘best sight test in Edinburgh’ the top organic result will probably get the phone call. All you have to do on your website or blog are these tags. When describing your company and what you do, you’re the best place in Enfield to get your eyes tested. 



Good-looking optics have a unified coordinated approach to their digital marketing. Connected all the digital dots, with the website and collect- ing email addresses being the main focus. Vital Statistics 

Facebook 1.7k Searches every 30 days 

2,852 Fans on the business page 30 people request directions 

683 check-ins Average 57 visits a day 

72% response rate 1.34 sec Average Stay 

Average response time 15 min- Page one ranking for over 1,000 

utes words 

Community group 15,036 Bounce rate 72 

The average spend on averts a week is 52 local reviews 

$15.00 All social media platforms linked 

20 5-star reviews on the website 

3 Facebook lives a week 50 calls a week from mobile site 

Aim for 2 check-ins a week to practice number registered on over 1,000 directo- rys WooRank 76 Youtube 500 videos with over 1.5 million views 1 new video a week Email 

8,000 email addresses. Mail chimp once a month to everybody 

Blog Twitter 

Over 100 blogs that have 21,000 followers 

indexed with google through our Member of 130 lists 

WordPress site. Follow a min of 100 local people 

one 500-word blog every 4 weeks a week 

with video. Linkedin 7,000 connections Average of 200 people look at the profile 680 average views on the blog member of 50 groups 

Instagram 2 new pictures a week 333 posts 


Read this chapter carefully. Get this bit wrong and EFFECTIVENESS IS LOST! I should begin by explaining why the book begins with a chapter about branding and marketing. You need to be crystal clear about the message that you want your business to amplify and the story you want it to tell. Without stating the obvious, put out the right consistent message to get the results you want. 

Just before opening my optical practice in 2004, I was obsessed. I was obsessed with reading, obsessed with how I was NOT going to fail. This educational journey began by learning how to market and brand a business. A business has three departments: finance, operations, and marketing. Right off the bat I already had a natural interest in marketing, I found all the books about marketing that applied to me and everyone that I read was mentally devoured. 

Let me explain to you the purpose of marketing as I see it. The aim of marketing is to continue getting new customers whilst also keeping the existing ones sweet. Marketing is how you present your brand, be it a personal brand or that of your business. Your brand is what you wear on your sleeve, complete with the core values that it represents. This is what your customers trust. So obviously, creating such a thing out of the blue is not easy.

Out of all the books I read, one was stand-out and made a lot of sense to me. It was a little yellow book. I lent it to someone and don’t remember the title, but it must have been good if they didn’t return it! But let me share the content with you. 

The concept is easy – name three of your favourite brands and explain why you chose those brands. Here were my three at the time: 

Singapore Airlines. They had amazing customer service. I was on a flight back from Australia at ridiculous o’clock and the cabin crew still had warming smiles and wanted to help us as much as possible. I have never experienced such great customer service before