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Look no further we can get you in as long as you have an Apple product, we will send you an invite and talk you through step by step, how to be a huge success. Cluhouse is the most exciting platform on social media right now

The first thing that I was saying this is coming from somebody who has a large social media following over all the platforms the first to look at is to build relationships outside of clubhouse, find people that you want to connect with dm’s via Instagram and then connect.

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  3. Call us and connect things are changing at a fast rate We are happy to give advice

Co host Co moderate rooms together providing value just don’t feel like your solo guy trying to do these rooms like find other people that provide value and do it together and build those relationships second thing is to follow clubs you’re only following one club so go to the search bar and type in music virtual events DJ and start following those clubs because that’s going to be where your people are that you want to connect with and when you follow the club’s it’s going to open up all the rooms that are happening in that club and then my third tip is from the virtual event space there’s a virtual events club that’s pretty active and there’s a lot of people who are looking to really level up what they’re doing on a room hosting perspective like when I moderate rooms I loved incorporate music and things like that you’re starting to see more things like for example the Vanilla ice jobs coming up these events you think we’re going to start seeing a lot more strategic entertainment aspects to these events like where people are incorporating DJs and other types of entertainment into the events to break up the monotony of just QA or whatever it is so I would really look at getting plugged into those virtual event clubs and seeing how you can provide value the people who are moderating larger room

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I just got off a zoom with somebody in Taiwan, we met on clubhouse put the conversation over to zoom, and who knows it could be a client

Really great strategies or having the ending mine before you’ve begun you could use the clubhouse as a place to be mentored having all these awesome speakers helping you teach it’s also an amazing place to pick up clients that are looking for help every single person practically on the clubhouse is looking for that helps you private message them on Instagrambuild that relationship and then if they trust you they might just be on next best client


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If you go into clubhouse now and you look into the search you can actually literally type in your specialise field and your start seeing other rooms in clubs that pop up for that field.

If you have a community on Slack, Facebook , email or Instagram you already familiar with communities like that where we create mastermind group specifically with a Niche industry you can bring those people in by either inviting them to clubhouse .

Finding out by going through your address book who’s already in there or your LinkedIn groups or even your Facebook groups you can find out who’s already in clubhouse and they find out what clubs.

Part of  clubhouse clubs are maturing now we’re starting to see a lot more specialised communities when we first came on here I saw a lot of generalised communities but now I’m starting to see, opticians, dentists, doctors,  even nurses starting to create their own communities there’s even the engineering community there’s an investment community so what I would say is for everyone if you start pinpointing down to your industry start Does there cultivate you follow the relationships


Be careful of following jail where you follow too many people in a day. you can only follow 25,000 max


Make sure your profile is used to its maximum effectiveness

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It takes time to build relationships on this platform


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