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Look no further: we can get you in as long as you have an Apple product! We will send you an invite and talk you through step by step on how to be a huge success. Clubhouse is the most exciting platform on social media right now!

First things first, look at what kind of relationships you want to build outside of the clubhouse. Find people that you want to connect with and DM them via platforms like Instagram. Reach out and connect!

  1. Sign up for the waitlist and claim your username
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  3. Call us – we are happy to give advice!

Co-host and co-moderate rooms together provide real value, they allow you to build relationships and follow Clubs.

Top tip: Utilise the Virtual Event space! Go to the search bar and type in Virtual Music Events and start following those Clubs – that’s going to be where your people are that you want to connect with and when you follow the club’s it’s going to open up all the rooms that are happening in that club.

The Virtual Events Club is highly active, and a lot of people who are looking to really level up what they’re doing on a room hosting perspective.

When I moderate rooms, I loved to incorporate music. There is a swathe of strategic entertainment aspects to these events. For example, incorporating DJs and other types of entertainment into the events to break up the monotony of a QA is a great way of getting people active and involved.

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I just got off a Zoom with somebody in Taiwan, we met at Clubhouse, moved the conversation over to Zoom, and who knows – it could be a client!

You can use Clubhouse as a place to be mentored and to learn from others – being surrounded by awesome speakers is truly inspiring. It’s also an amazing place to pick up clients that are looking for support. Every single person on Clubhouse is seeking valuable connections, so it helps if you private message them on other forms of social media afterwards to build that relationship and make those next steps.


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If you go into Clubhouse now and you look into the search, you can literally type in your specialised field, and start seeing others popping up in rooms from that field.

If you have a community on Slack, Facebook, Email or Instagram, then you are already familiar with communities and creating a Mastermind Group specifically with a niche industry, you can bring those people in by inviting them to Clubhouse. You can find out easily who is a member by leafing through your Address Book, LinkedIn Groups or even Facebook Groups.

Many Clubhouse Clubs are maturing now, and we’re starting to see a lot more specialised communities. When I first became a member, I saw a lot of generalised communities but now I’m starting to see opticians, dentists, doctors, and even nurses, alongside engineering and investment communities. If you start pinpointing down to your industry, you may start to cultivate huge, varied relationships from all over the world.

Top tip: Be careful of Following Jail – there are daily limits, and you can only follow 25,000 people max!

Make sure you continue to level up your profile and take advantage of its full potential:

ClubHouse Profile

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It takes time to build relationships on Clubhouse, but it’s more than worth it.

Credibility  –  Relationships  –     Building – these are all values that businesses must hold close!