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Social networking company London

My work experience in digital 2022

A word from the Boss

Working in social networking company in London there’s such a need to constantly. You have to develop yourself learn new skills. Learn from people that are gurus, they have done successful campaigns worked in marketing. And looked off the clients with the end result being a massive success.

An intro

I was there a level student and now I’m looking for friendships and more stuff for my CV. Garry of Loving social media is going help me with that. So, I’ve worked for the company for over three weeks and learnt some new skills that. I have picked up in this time is learn how to use WordPress. This is for a new website coming out for a motivational speaker company. I learn Woo Rank which a specific type of technology that also helped with the WordPress site.


About the webinar, I helped with

Thursday 21st of May we put together a worldwide webinar that was live-streamed on Facebook and 5000 people watching it. This is which I was very much involved in. In the project management of that, I had to make profiles for all the speakers who were speaking about the coronavirus. Also, what could happen to businesses of all kinds. For the profiles, they gave me a pic, a bio and then I would put it all in a profile. I then sent it back to them and they posted it on their Facebook and Instagram for example to tell people.

YouTube and making videos

I have learnt about marketing and digital strategies such as I how to post YouTube videos for N0co2 and that it’s a long process but it’s worth it in the end. Live videos from Facebook were downloaded and then put it onto YouTube with an added intro and outro as well so it makes it you do way more professional. it was one of my favourite things I have learnt. I got to make the intro and outro myself using which is an exceptionally good tool for trailers and little promotions for companies.
As well as learning to use that I used StorySwag to make a post for EA accountants. All marketing is the same, we need to find new clients, find new customers for the clients. Also, keep the clients they already have and staying in front of mind is very important by making little touches like this to engage them all.

Algorithms explained by Garry for the new apprentice as well as you!

I will run through some of the unique algorithms of each platform. So with YouTube, you get extra points for seeing the video to the end and that is not the case for Facebook and Instagram. It all totally does matter as Facebook for example look at the algorithm of the consistency how much are postage. If you tweet that week will last for about 2 seconds in comparison to Facebook they lost four hours in comparison to a story that last a day.
Each platform has its own unique algorithms and the algorithm is a computer that is going to give you more visibility on the on the stream on the page so understanding and learning the algorithms is important.

In conclusion from Ruby

The exciting thing about this job is that its constantly moving and it’s not for everyone and if you want a job that will be the same from one year to the other this is not for you. For solicitors for example, it is generally the same the laws as well as the same a plumber that worked 20 years ago fitting the toilet who would see a toilet now and it would be practically the same.
Everything is changing especially in an industry like this because it just it’s all changing for the better in my opinion like apps like Tik Tok which didn’t exist two years ago and that is because from one day to the next technology, advertising, apps, and marketing are evolving.

Ps. Garry, I hope that I continue to work with you and we evolve together as people and in the business world, we make a difference.

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