Lets frame our “why” with Context

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Hello everyone! I’m Jade, one of the teams at Loving Social media, SEO and social Media Enfield hope you like the blog.

I’m going to take all the way back to the beginning of our company, with this blog taken from an interview with me and Garry Kosoulou, where he told me the story of how Loving Social Media came to be! SEO and social media Enfield

From Optician to a social media expert, let’s jump into his journey!

SEO London Garry loves social media, today, he trains young people from all over the country in it,

Sharing his advice and experience, helping them onto a better path. His company,

Loving Social Media, also helps businesses from all over, to promote themselves, and master the world of Google and SEO.

But believe it or not, Garry started out as an optician Just at the start of social media when people would tell him its just for kids! He also loves the community page Loving Local with a strong following of over 19,000 local people.

Lets frame our why with Context enjoy the blog.

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He recognized the potential of social media and decided to start using it to promote his business. Back then, the social media world was not the one we know today, Facebook was mostly used to keep in touch with distant relatives, it definitely wasn’t a place for business, pages weren’t even invented yet!


Despite this, Garry went on to use social media to promote his optician business, through doing lives and even selling his glasses. This went on and Garry decided that he was in need of an apprentice.

However, apprenticeships for social media were unheard of at the time! So, he aimed to have the very first social media apprentice in the country. He went on to work with his friend Penny Power, who inspired Garry as she created an innovative app for the UK, similar to Linkedin. He interviewed many candidates at her apprenticeship event, and just like that achieved his goal of having the first social media apprentice!

Garry KousoulouAs time went on, and Garry’s self-promotion on social media was successful, friends with their own businesses came to Garry, wondering if he would do the same for them. Always happy to help, Garry agreed and began doing his friend’s social media alongside running the opticians. For a time he was juggling his optician business with his, and now his friend’s, social media! But eventually realised that he couldn’t continue to do this for free, so he went to his friends and they then started paying him for his service, essentially making them the very first clients of Loving Social Media! His apprenticed focused on social media upstairs while Garry had tons of fun switching back and forth between selling glasses and running up to help out with the social media work.


Garry’s vast knowledge of the digital world didn’t just happen! He has put time and dedication into learning the tricks of his trade and gives the advice to always keep learning, and that you should never be afraid to make mistakes because everything is a learning curve at the end of the day!


Garry’s advice to businesses is that there is no time like today! If you own your own business and haven’t yet made that jump into social media marketing, don’t be nervous, the best time to start is now, not tomorrow! But if you feel like you are stumbling in the dark when it comes to social media, overwhelmed by all there is to learn, we’re always happy to help, and can do it for you!


And there you have it! Today Garry offers free social media training to tons of young people all over the country and even helped me kickstart my career in social media. It’s an inspirational story, to say the least, showing that anyone can master anything they put their mind to! Thanks for coming with me on this journey, I hope you enjoyed our once upon a time story of Loving Social Media! And remember, if you need help with your social media needs, we’re always a message away, contact us or view our packages here.

SEO EnfieldBelow is just the word-for-word transcription of our interview, if you don’t like the blog above or would prefer it to be in the first person like below I can give it another shot just let me know! 🙂


This is an interview between Jade and Garry:


Let’s start at the beginning of your business:

Seo in 2022

I love social media and also owned an optician. From there we discovered how to use social media for business. Which wasn’t really a thing back then. You only had Facebook to stay in touch with your auntie from Australia or to connect with old school friends. It definitely wasn’t for business, pages weren’t even invented! But I thought that I am going to use this for my business, I started selling glasses and doing lives to promote the opticians and it was really cool!


How did you go on to start Loving Social Media?


In England at the time, there was no apprenticeship for social media, so I wanted to be one of the very first in the country to get an apprentice. A woman called Penny Power, a woman who I admired as she created a version of Linkedin for Britain was starting an apprenticeship event, so I went along. She said “put your hand up if you would like an apprentice” so I did, I interviewed lots of young people and ended up taking a lady on, she was awesome.

My friends would then ask me if I would consider doing their social media for them. I was then running the opticians while also doing their social media until I said to them that I wasn’t able to do this work for free and they began to pay me. I was then able to pay the apprentice to do the social media upstairs, while I was selling glasses downstairs and running up every now and then to work on social media, it was fun and crazy!

How did you become so knowledgeable about social media?

social media londonKeep learning!  You have to keep learning from yourself and others, and don’t be too afraid to make mistakes! I’m really keen on being curious.


Do you have any advice for people about social media?

ask about the free social media training My advice for people who are out there with their own small business, and are not on social media but know that you should really be. Is that the best time to start is now, not tomorrow! And if you feel like there’s too much to learn and don’t want to do it yourself, we’ll do it for you!


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