Social Media and Digital Strategy for Opticians 2022

Social Media and Digital Strategy for Opticians 2022

We’ve written our first book!
Want to find out more about ‘Social Media and Digital Strategy for Opticians’?

As some of you already know, Loving Social Media is an established social media company in London, who specialise in social media for opticians. Why opticians? The CEO of the company, Garry KousoulouFBDO, founded the company after his own use with social media for his optician’s practice was very successful. The company started helping local businesses raise their online visibility and profitability, and it’s snowballed since!


We launched the book “Social Media and Digital Strategy for Opticians”  and wrote the worlds first CET on social media for opticians at the Optical Exhibition ‘100% Optical’ at the Excel Centre on February 6th. Here’s a little about the book:

“This is the world’s first book teaching Social Media for Opticians! After years of using social media effectively for his practice Goodlooking Optics, Garry Kousoulou has written a book to share his knowledge in Social Media for Opticians. With this book, you’ll be taught how to use Social Media for your practice, gain more appointments, getting your opticians to the top of the search engine rankings and many more!”

Published by Loving Social Media Publications – ISBN: 9781526200778

The book is now available to buy for a limited time only at the special price of £25.00 HERE!


As dynamic experts, Loving Social Media are known for delivering bold digital

Garry Kousoulou described as a Business Supremo

campaigns that strengthen business reputations and help increase revenue.
Every campaign is geared toward achieving the client’s business goals and we do this by using our years of marketing experience and ensuring we are always at the cutting edge of social media knowledge.

Our services span social media strategy, consultancy, creative thinking and ensuring online management of your company’s brand values and visual identity. This Social Media Company in London takes the fear out of not knowing what Social Media is and how to use it; both through one to one sessions and their extremely popular Social Media Workshops.

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Below is an extract from the book looking at a marketing plan going forward. Is always good to plan in advance

social media for opticians


The power of Search Engine Optimisation.


In my point of view as a social media professional, I think it’s great that we have Google domination. A business marketing power can now almost be judged on where its website ranks in a Google search. If it doesn’t appear in the top three then you need to go back to the drawing board. There’s no doubt about it, being top of the search engine rankings will get you more business.


Your website is your most powerful marketing tool and it should be the best representation of your brand and business. Spreading your brand goes a lot further when you are top of the heap.


I am top of Google for the search term “best optician in the world”. Don’t believe me? Google it! Whilst you’re there, type in “opticians in Enfield” too. Everybody wants to know how to get to top of Google and honestly, it’s not that difficult! It’s a 7 step process:

  1. Your website needs to be built properly. This means having everything from an easily navigable page to a 404 redirect. For those non-techies amongst us, all you need is a website and then you can check its effectiveness here: Once you’ve been given your free report you can then give it to your web designer to fix the problems! You can only get one free report with this website unless you sign up to a price plan, but one scan is enough to highlight the points that need addressing on your website.


  1. Make your website full of relevant content i.e. a shoe shop in Windsor should make sure that their website refers to shoes in Windsor. There’s no point being a builder and talking about flowers!


  1. Keep your website constantly updated with consistency in your keywords. This can be achieved with regular news updates and blogging to name just a few tricks. A constantly updated website is a fresh website, if you allow to stagnate with old content then it’s going to be passed up for fresher alternatives.


  1. Add a Facebook Feed link on your landing page. The latest Google update – “Hummingbird” – tells us that Google takes social media into consideration when determining your ranking. Do you want to see friends of friends and other people commenting on your posts? Customers find it more believable if you’ve got a live feed going to a website. This helps with trust and optimisation.


  1. Add a live Twitter feed too! Hummingbird finds this feed and images used and like the Facebook feed, this enables you to rank highly!


  1. Link building is also very important here. This is a small tip: search for free directories relevant to your industry and list your website on there with a link to it and relevant social media pages. This is a cost-friendly way to get a higher rank on Google, especially if these directories also employ a good use of Search Engine Optimisation.


7. Blog regularly! If you don’t have a blog on your website, you’re missing out massively with free ways to dominate Google. Fill the blog with keywords, pictures, videos, and stay consistent! Do not use random images you found on Google because you can be sued by their rightful owners (trust me!) Get pictures from free image websites or use your own. Tag them correctly, along with your own videos, and you’re on to a winner. Be careful when using your own images. People expect a certain standard

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