Best Directories for Backlinks in 2022

best backlinks to easily get in2022

Best Directories for Backlinks in 2022

What are directories and backlinks?

A directory also known as a web directory is practically an online catalogue of links to certain websites these links are called backlinks. In order to find a certain backlink you need to search for the company name and or industry and where it is located, and then the directory will display relevant backlinks on your screen. Think of it like this, a library has different categories for different books and in order to find your book, you need to search for it, similar to the way you search for backlinks in a directory. We want to show you the ultimate directories for backlinks in 2022.example of a back link

how to get back links

Directory are mostly free and a great backlink to index back to your website

Add your listing How are backlinks important for your SEO strategy?

Back in the day, this was a major tactic to improve SEO rankings, however, the latest Google updates have been introduced to decrease the efficiency of this tactic because it was considered to be quite the spammy tactic. Google has specially programmed bots that roam the World Wide Web looking for certain data to index. One specific type of data is a link, when a google bot finds a link it follows the link to wherever it leads to (in your case your website) and scans whatever data it finds then indexes it in google’s library. The more your website is indexed the better because it improves your search engine rankings. So as you can see it is still massively helpful for your SEO strategy.

The best directories to get your website on:

In order to get your website on a directory, all you need to do is find a directory with domain authority and enter your company details.  But be careful because some directories can be spammy and can cause your website to get demoted by Google. Don’t worry we have a list of the best and safest directories to add your backlinks to:

Site Domain Authority Industry Location
https://www.bingplaces.com/ 98 General International
www.tripadvisor.com 95 Hospitality International
www.directory.independent.co.uk 94 General UK
https://directory.thesun.co.uk/ 90 General UK
https://loving-local.com/ 68 General UK
www.thomsonlocal.com 64 General UK
www.factual.com 63 General International
www.communitywalk.com 62 General International
www.uksmallbusinessdirectory.co.uk 61 General UK
www.scoot.co.uk 61 General UK
www.iBegin.com (required phone verification) 60 General International
www.192.com 60 General UK
www.thetradefinder.co.uk 53 General UK
www.storeboard.com 50 General International
www.uk.bizadee.com 48 General UK
www.yelloyello.com 44 General International
www.wand.com 44 General International
www.b99.co.uk 44 General UK
www.gb.enrollbusiness.com 44 General UK
www.searchme4.co.uk 44 General UK
www.expressbusinessdirectory.com 41 General International
www.n49.com 41 General USA / UK
www.whodoyou.com 38 General International
www.fyple.com 38 General USA
www.company.fm 38 General International
www.parkbench.com 38 General International
www.uk.ypgo.net 38 General UK
www.businessspread.co.uk 37 General UK
www.iglobal.co 36 General International
www.teleadreson.com 36 General International
www.businessnetwork.co.uk 36 General UK
www.lekkoo.com 35 General International
www.opendi.co.uk 35 General UK
www.find-us-here.com 33 General International

Non Follow links

Site Domain Authority Industry Location
www.facebook.com 100 General International
www.yelp.com 94 General International
www.houzz.com 93 Home services International
www.foursquare.com 93 General International
www.yell.com 85 General UK
www.aboutus.com 70 General International
www.spoke.com 69 General International
www.2Findlocal.com 63 General International
www.brownbook.net 61 General International
www.cylex-uk.co.uk 61 General UK
www.showmelocal.com 58 General International
www.hotfrog.com.au 52 General Australia
www.salespider.com 49 General International
www.misterwhat.co.uk 49 General UK
www.hotfrog.co.uk 46 General UK
www.cylex.com.au 44 General Australia
www.agreatertown.com 42 General International
www.tipped.co.uk 42 General UK
www.infoisinfo.co.uk 41 General UK
www.tuugo.co.uk 40 General UK
www.callupcontact.com 38 General UK
www.citylocal.co.uk 37 General UK
www.fonolive.com 35 General International
www.mysheriff.co.uk 35 General UK
www.bisnzz.com 31 General International
www.tupalo.net 30 General UK
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Do directories still hold importance in 2020?

As said above, Google has released updates that decrease the effectiveness of directories. So arguably directories still hold value in 2020 because it can still help websites to rank to the top, but only if that directory has domain authority.

  • It is still recommended that your build backlinks with high authority directories that are popular.
  • Create backlinks on directories relevant to your industry as it helps to create continuous referral traffic
  • All that needs to be done is to create a few quality backlinks and move on!!

Connect with Garry and the team:

What is the big fuss about social media and off-page SEO?

In a nutshell, It does big time!

The main objective is to keep traffic coming to our website from other sources social media can keep our contacts informed, directory linking back makes such a difference, whether personal or business orientated, is exactly the same although obviously thought in respect to the content and the management of time in creating a message needs further consideration!

So how much additional time do we need to magically make appear in to our working week to reap the rewards? Now, where’s that wand of mine!

In a recent Social Media Marketing Report where over 3000 professional marketers were questioned, it was found that a significant 88% indicated that their social media efforts had increased exposure for their business by way of:

  • Increasing traffic and subscribers to their sites,
  • Increasing their search engine rankings,
  • Generating qualified leads to do business

…to name just a few! The main benefit of all of the above also demonstrated that overall marketing expenses actually decreased by utilising this method of business exposure!

So to achieve such results, ‘how much time?’ I hear you yell!

From those polled, a significant 58% use social media for 6 or more hours per week and 34% for 11 or more hours! In addition, those marketers that have used social media for longer are inclined to invest more time and as such fully understand the benefits that can be achieved!

So how much time do you spend on marketing your business via Social Media? Why not let us know what works for you.

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